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Opening Ceremony

A New Institute of Culture Opens in Beijing.

The Hungarian Cultural Institute of Beijing was opened on 13th November 2013.

The Balassi Istitute is constantly expanding its cultural relations worldwide. On 13th November 2013 the Hungarian Cultural Institute of Beijing was opened by Peter Szijjártó Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. After that Pál Hatos, Director of the Balassi Institute made his inaugural speech.

At the opening ceremony the audience had the opportunity of making a trip in history by watching the show entitled 'Re-button it!', which presented Hungary through the development of its dressing culture.

About the institute.

The head of the istitute is the synologíst Andrea Szonja Buslig, who used to be a lecturer at the Chinese Department of ELTE for ten years and then worked in the field of cultural diplomacy at the Hungarian Embassy in Beijing.

The opening of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Beijing is a huge step for Hungary to make its appearance in the Chinese cultural sphere.

The fact that the institute is housed in Galaxy Soho, one of the most emblematic buildings in modern Beijing designed by Zaha Hadid demonstrates its high prestige in the hosting country.

The building complex in the heart of Beijing re-forms the traditional Chinese manor house. The area is as big as 330 000 square meters having a large community-space and including a part of 9000 square meters for trading. This masterpiece of architecture has now become the home of the Hungarian Institute of Beijing, which has its own office, clasroom, reading corner and café. The latter is suitable to hold exhibitions organized by chambers of professions and concerts. The main function of the institute is to represent Hungarian culture through various programs performed here giving an insight into the great diversity of this culture to the audience.

Opening ceremony: 'Re-button it' show.

The institute is aimed at encouraging the two countries to find real partnership both in culture and education.


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